Tuesday, January 17, 2012

and the purging has begun...

So, today was the first day of "purging" the clutter from my classroom.  Oh.my.goodness. I only did one very small area today (an old overhead cart) and completely emptied it off and sorted through the things with trash, keep, and a give away bin and then I realized that I need another bin and that bin is a "shred" bin.  This is going to take WAY longer than I thought and on top of that, my PDAS is supposed to be this week or next! (What great timing.)  I can't even imagine what my principal will think when she walks in an sees huge bins with "stuff" in them. Oh well. At least it shows that I am finally taking charge on becoming more organized which is something that I say I want to do every year but never actually do. I didn't make the apron I wanted to make...but it's on my list because today I realized how helpful it will be not only in this purging process, but I can keep my stickers, a pen, notepad, flashcards, and my phone in it and have them everywhere I go. I really am excited about this but at the same time, I am dreading it.  I sure hope the less cluttered and more organized space will start to take shape soon! Later!

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